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Earthquake Catalogues – Hypocenter Data
Global Data
  Worldwide catalogues and information on earthquakes – Publications.
  Earthquake catalogue compiled by B.Gutenberg and C.Richter,
  Hypocenter data in the International Seismological Summaries (ISS),
  International Seismological Centre catalogue, 1964–2009.
  Catalogue of the National Earthquake Information Center
  U.S.Geological Survey (NEIC USGS), 1868–1992.
Regional Data
  Regional earthquake catalogues and information on earthquakes
  Seismological catalogue (each decade) of the Geophysical Survey RAS,
  since 1993.
  Earthquake Catalog of the Russian Empire,
  596 BC–1888, I.Mushketov, A.Orlov.
  New catalogue of strong earthquakes on the territory of the USSR
  from ancient times through 1978.
  Catalogues of earthquakes in the territory of the USSR
  from the Atlas of Earthquakes in the USSR, 1911–1957.
  Earthquakes in the USSR, 1962–1991.
        Arctic Earthquakes, 1962–1991.
  Earthquakes of the Northern Eurasia, 1992–2019.
  Earthquakes in Russia, 2003–2022.
  Earthquake catalogue of the Ossetian sector of the Greater Caucasus,
  Fennoscandian Earthquakes, 1951–1985.
  Earthquakes in Turkey, 1913–1970.
  Earthquakes of the Mediterranean and surrounding areas, 1901–1975.
Special Data Bases
  Global hypocenter data base, CD-ROM, –2100–1992.
  Catalogue of Toktogul region earthquakes, 1929–1991.
  Caucasus earthquakes since 550 BC till 2000 AD, ñ M≥4.0 (K≥11.0).
        A great collection of global and regional, historical and modern catalogues of earthquakes in the electronic form and in the form of publications, and also detailed descriptions of separate earthquakes (in the form of publications) is accumulated in the World Data Center for Solid Earth Physics.
        The catalogue of earthquakes usually includes date and time of event, geographical coordinates and depth, energy characteristics (magnitudes, energy class, intensity) and the additional information.
        The section "Global Data" includs catalogues containing data on earthquakes relating to whole world.
        The section "Regional Data" relates to the catalogues and the descriptions of separate earthquakes relating to one of seven geographical regions such as Australia and Oceania, Arctic and Antarctic, Africa, Eurasia, North America, South America, World Ocean.
        In the section "Regional Data" the data relating to the region as a whole or to its parts, exceeding the sizes of the separate countries, at first are listed, then data on the territories of the separate countries of the region in alphabetical order country names are listed. Names of catalogues are provided on original language.
        Catalogues and earthquake descriptions in the form of publications are available in the form of copies.

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