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User can be also acguainted with Geomagnetical Activity ForecastGeofor and with weekly Solar and Geophysical Activity Forecast and with Forecast mean Monthly values of Solar ActivityMonthly and with some comments about current Solar cycle 24 the Development in Russian only.

New data - Magnetograms of Geophysical Observatory "Paratunka" 1967-2006 !



WDC for STP, Moscow is a part of the World Data System of the International Council of Science(ICSU WDS).

WDC for STP, Moscow collects, stores, exchanges with other WDCs, disseminates the publications, sends upon requests data on the following Solar-Terrestrial Physics disciplines: Solar Activity and Interplanetary Medium, Cosmic Rays, Ionospheric Phenomena, Geomagnetic Variations.

1. The data description and possibilities of the data access are shown below:

2a. You can receive the part of the Data via online now as separate data (See - STP Data Online)

STP Data Online

2b. or from our new interactive system "Space Physics Ineractive Data Resource" - "SPIDR"

·         SPIDR-


3. You can receive the part of the Data via E-mail - ( Please send your request directly to data group according to addresses for contacts )

4. You can receive STP Data from other WDC's and Institutes and Observatories too:

Home Page Addresses of WDCs and Institutes and Observatories:

Solar Activity and Interplanetary Medium

Cosmic Rays


Geomagnetic Variations

Models of Geospheres and Solar-Terrestrial Connections


Addresses for contacts:

World Data Center for Solar Terrestrial Physics, Moscow
Molodezhnaya, 3, Moscow, 117296, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 930-56-19 Fax: +7 (495) 930-05-06
Ionosphere data: Igor Shestopalov
Solar data: Vitaly Ishkov
Cosmic rays: Igor Shestopalov
Director and Geomagnetic variation: Evgeny Kharin

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