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Seismological Data

Current Worldwide Earthquake List
  Recent earthquakes of the World
located by Alert Survey of the Geophysical Survey of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Obninsk)
  Latest Earthquakes in the World
from the Earthquake Hazards Program, U.S.Geological Survey
  Worldwide earthquakes with M4.0+
from the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC)
Significant Earthquakes in the World from 1900 on site of the Earthquake Hazards Program, U.S.Geological Survey
Earthquake Catalogues – Hypocenter Data
Seismological Bulletins – Phase Data
Wave Forms – Seismogram Collection
Seismological Station Information
Fault Plane Solution Catalogues (Focal Mechanisms)
Seicmological Special Data Bases
  Catalogue of Toktogul region earthquakes, 1929-1991
  Caucasus earthquakes since 550 BC till 2000 AD, ñ M≥4.0 (K≥11.0)
  Spitak earthquake 1988, CD-ROM
  Seismology component in Russian Kolka glacier collapse, September 20, 2002

New !

Earthquakes of the North Eurasia, 2009.
Chief Ed. O.E.Starovoit,
Vice Ed. R.S.Mikhailova
Geophysical Survey RAS,
Obninsk, 2015. 394 p.
Seismicity reviews of the North Eurasia as a whole and its regions.
Regional earthquake catalogues.

Earthquakes in Russia in 2013.
Chief Ed. A.A.Malovichko.
Geophysical Survey RAS, Obninsk, 2015. 224 p.
Reviews of seismicity on various regions of Russia.
Regional and summary catalogues of earthquakes.

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