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Welcome to the World Data Center for Solid Earth Physics in Moscow, Russia !
Our site contains information on the World Data Center for Solid Earth Physics (WDC for SEP) in Moscow, on data for some geophysical disciplines available at the Center, and data access possibility, about the Center activity in scientific projects and programs and also links to other sites with the geophysical data.
WDC for SEP is the Regular Member of the International Council for Science World Data System (ICSU WDS).
  Russian WDC Site for
"Internationa Polar Year"
      WDC for SEP completely supports and agrees with the ICSU WDS data policy:
  - Full and open exchange of data, metadata and products shared within WDS is provided, being based on the international instruments and national policies and legislation;
  - All shared data, metadata and products are provided for researches and education with the minimum time delay free of charge or at cost not bigger, than reproduction cost.
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