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Geothermal Atlas of Ukraine

Geothermal Atlas of Ukraine
V.V.Gordienko, I.V.Gordienko et al.,
Geothermal Atlas of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Institute of Geophysics of S.I.Subbotin,
Kiev, 2004.
Catalogues of Heat Flow Values - Publications
Maps of Heat Flow Isolines
Earth Heat Flow Data on-line:
  Global Heat Flow Data Catalogue
          New Global Heat Flow Compilation
        Pollak H. N., Hurter S. J., and Johnson J. R.
        Department of Geological Sciences, University of Michigan,
        U.S.A., March, 1991.
  Heat Flow for East of Asia, Australia and West Pacific Ocean
          Catalogue of Heat Flow Data for East of Asia, Australia
        and West Pacific Ocean
        Veselov O.V., Lipina Å.N.
        Institute of Tectonics and Geophysics,
        The Sakhalin Complex Scientific Research Institute,
        Vladivostok, 1982.

Global Heat Flow Data Base
International Commission for Heat Flow
Data for the Ukraine
  Heat Flow

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