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DataBase "The Catalogue of Toktogul Region Earthquakes, 1929-1991"

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The Catalogue of Toktogul Region Earthquakes was created in result of works of the Complex Seismological Expedition of the United Institute of the Physics of the Earth of Russian Academy of Sciences during 1957-1991. It was supplemented by revised data from other sources for previous years since 1929.

The catalogue covers the territory of the Central Tien Shan and eastern part of Fergana Valley.

The works in this region were organized in connection with designing, and later with functioning of power stations cascade many of which have large reservoirs. The highest dam in this cascade is the Toktogul dam (170 m).
The region is interesting because it includes epicentral zones of several strong earthquakes, the largest of which is the Chatkalsk earthquake of 1946 (M = 7.4).
The catalogue is accompanied by the detailed description of experiments including coordinates and characteristics of seismic stations, description of methods used in data interpretation, map of epicenters etc. The Catalogue of Fault Plane Solutions for some events from1965 to 1989 is olso attached.
Being the result of unique long-term, continuous experiment, the catalogue will be useful for scientists interested in detail study of seismic regime, earthquakes prediction, as well as in connections of seismicity with other natural and artificial processes and phenomena.

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