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Sold Earth Physics Data

World Data Center for Solid Earth Physics collects, stores, and disseminates a wide range of data on solid Earth physics disciplines:

These data are used as the basis for fundamental and applied scientific researches and education. The WDC for SEP invites scientists, institutions and other authors and data generators to contribute data to our Center in order to make data more widely available to the scientific community and to safe them.
          All data in the Center are availaible in different traditional and computer forms on various media. Every data set is accompanied by detailed documentation and format description.
          Users may visit the WDC for SEP, Moscow or request data by phone, fax, mail or electronic mail. Remote access to on-line data is available via INTERNET. Please, contact us.

Information for Users

Data and information, saved up in the WDC for SEP, are given to all users without restrictions and are free-of-charge. The center can ask to pay users cost of copying and transfer of data. The additional payment can be raised in case of the order for very great volume of data or for spetial services. The WDC for SEP commonly provide services at no charge to scientists or institutions that provide data to the WDC.
          The special software for verification and analysis of data, for search of data on various conditions, and for obtaining of statistical information, spatial and temporal distributions of data and their visualisation is being worked out in the Center.
          All data sets and documents from WDC for SEP may be freely distributed and used for non-commercial scientific and educational purposes. It is recommended to refer that data are received from WDC for SEP.

How to Contribute Data

The WDC for SEP, Moscow is interested in contributions of all types of data on Solid Earth Physics from scientists, institutions and other authors and data generators. Data are accepted in almost any format and well documented.
          We invite contributors contact us to work out the details. WDC for SEP personnel may help to contributors in prepearing of data and documentation for passing to WDC.


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