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Seismological Bulletins – Phase Data
        The seismological bulletins, containing data about registration of seismic waves at stations, are presented in the WDC for SEP both in the form of publications, and in an electronic form.
        The seismological bulletin usually contains focal parameters and following parameters: the name of station and its code, epicentral distance and azimuth, type of a phase (wave), time of wave arrival for station, signs on the first entry of waves, the periods and amplitudes of waves. Sometimes the macroseismic information is included.
        The collection of seismological bulletins includes as the international bulletins, containing data of global networks of seismological stations, and the national bulletins, containing data of regional or national station networks and data of separate stations. Names of bulletins are given in language of the original.
        Seismological bulletins in the form of publications are accessible as copies.

International Bulletins
  International Bulletins - Publications
  Bulletin of the International Seismological Centre - ISC
National Bulletins
  National Bulletins - Publications
  Seismological Bulletin of the Geophysical Survey RAS since 1995
  Bulletin of the USSR Seismic Stations Network since 1957

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