Russian Version             New data - Magnetograms of Geophysical Observatory "Paratunka" 1967-2006 !

WDC for STP, Moscow is the Regular Member of the International Council for Science World Data System (ICSU WDS).

WDC for STP, Moscow is guided by the principles of the WDS Constitution and completely supports the WDS Data Policy.

WDC for STP is responsible for the collection, guaranteed long-term storage and dissemination of geophysical data.
The data and services at the WDC for STP are open and available for scientific research and education use without restriction.
For commercial applications of data, please contact the WDC for STP.

Information on the appropriate institution(s) is supplied within the WDC data sets. If data are used in publications and presentations, the data suppliers and the WDC for STP (Moscow) should be acknowledged.

WDC for STP, Moscow collects, stores, exchanges with other WDCs, disseminates
data on the following Solar-Terrestrial Physics disciplines:
        Geomagnetic Variations,                                        Ionospheric Phenomena,
        Solar Activity and Interplanetary Medium,         Cosmic Rays.

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