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Cycles of Solar Activity

One of the most remarkable features of the sun is the almost periodic changes in intensity and in the number of various manifestations of solar activity - cycles of solar activity . The magnetic field of the star is responsible for solar cycles. The rotation of the Sun is different from the rotation of solids. Different areas of the star have different speeds, which determines the magnitude of the field. And it appears in the photosphere as sunspots. Each cycle is characterized by a change in the polarity of the magnetic field. The "eleven-year" cycle with a duration of about 11 years is the most famous and more studied.

The average annual Wolf's number is most often used to determine the level of solar activity.
Defined using this index 11-year cycles are conditionally numbered starting in 1755.
The 24th cycle of solar activity began in January 2009.

The table of solar activity cycles from 1 to 24 is presented on the site. The table includes the years of the beginning, maximum and minimum of each cycle, the relative number of sunspots smoothed over 13 months, the duration of the cycle and the length of the increasing and decreasing branches. In addition, a detailed description of the development and basic characteristics of the 23 and 24 solar cycles is given on the site.

Cycles of solar activity 1 – 24
23 cycle of solar activity (in Russian)
Current 24 cycle of solaractivity (in Russian)

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