World Data Centers (WDC) in Russia are accepted as the Regular Members of the World Data System (WDS), created through a decision of the 29th General Assembly of the International Science Council (ISC, formerly ICSU).
      World Data System - multidisciplinary structure, intended for the organization of new, coordinated, global approach to the scientific data and information, guaranteeing the general-purpose equivalent access to qualitative data and information for research, education and informed decision making.

      Two Russian WDCs are the part of the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and situated in Moscow:

   WDC for Solar-Terrestrial Physics    WDC for Solid Earth Physics

      Three WDCs in Russia carry out the activity, being a part of the All-Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Center (RIHMI-WDC). All these Centers are situated in Obninsk:

   WDC for Meteorology
   WDC for Oceanography
   WDC for Rockets, Satellites and
        Rotation of the Earth
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