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Solar Flare Events

Flare events are the complex of dynamic phenomena on the Sun that are the result of the interaction of a new emerging magnetic flux with already existing magnetic fields, both in active regions and outside them. Observations showed that the growth of flare activity in groups of spots is closely related to the emergence of new emerging magnetic fluxes and for the implementation of solar flares of large and medium power, changes in the very structure of the magnetic field of the active region are necessary.

Flare events of large and medium poins in the active region are always (without exception) grouped in a series, are carried out in a limited, fairly short time interval. Depending on the degree of development of the active region, the characteristics of its magnetic field and the power of the new floating magnetic flux, this time interval can take from 16 to 80 hours, on average 55 ± 30 hours or 16% of the time of passage of the active region along the solar disk.

A solar flare is a reaction of the solar atmosphere (mainly the chromosphere and corona) to a sudden rapid process of energy emission in the interaction of magnetic fields, which results in the rapid heating of a small limited area and to rapid acceleration of electrons and protons. n this case, the temperature in the chromosphere reaches up to 104° K, and in the corona - up to 107° K. The energy of the registered particles is from 20 keV to >10 GeV. The total energy released during the most powerful flares,exceeds 1032 erg.

Solar flares from observations in the strongest spectral line of hydrogen Нα (λ = 6562 Å) are presented since 1938 by observations of various observatories. In addition, a full list of flares from patrol observations is given since 1955 and the summary characteristics of each flare according to the data of all the observatories watching her is given since 1975.

Catalogs of solar flare events of XXIII and XXIV cycles of solar activity
with an X-ray ball M1 - X>17.5:
      XXIII cycle - 1996-2007             PDF file       doi:
      XXIV cycle - 2009-2017             PDF file       doi:
Current catalog of solar flare events of XXV solar activity cycle
with X-ray class M1 - X>17.5
      XXV cycle - (I.2019 - VI.2030)   PDF file       doi:

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