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Ionospheric Phenomena

The ionosphere is the part of the upper atmosphere of the Earth in which the density of free electrons (ionization level) is large enough to have a significant influence on the propagation of radio waves. The lower boundary of the ionosphere located at an altitude of 50-60 km, the upper at a level of about 1000 km, where the ionosphere passes into the plasmasphere or other magnetospheric plasma formations.
The level of ionization depends primarily on the active phenomena on the Sun. Ionospheric structures and maxima of densities in the ionosphere strongly depend on time (the phase of the cycle of solar activity, the time of the year and the time of day), from the geographical location (polar and auroral zones, mid-latitude and equatorial regions) and from ionospheric perturbations caused by solar activity. Read more ...

The World Data Center for Solar-Terrestrial Physics has an extensive archive of data on the Earth's ionosphere, obtained by the world network of ionospheric stations. A significant part of this data was obtained by the method of vertical sounding of the ionosphere.

      Catalog of copies of analog ionograms (microfilms and microfiches)
      of the World Network of 215 Ionospheric Stations from 1957.

Interactive map of the observatories location

Generalized tables of the hourly values of the ionospheric parameters,
      measured at 15 stations in Russia and CIS countries since 2009 in the WDC format.
      Data Format.
Tables of hourly values of ionospheric parameters,
      measured at the station "Moscow" (IZMIRAN) since 2008.
Tables of hourly values of ionospheric parameters,
      measured at stations of Russia and CIS countries for the period 1957-1990 from the global database of
      parameters for vertical sounding of the ionosphere “Ionospheric Digital Database,
      Worldwide Vertical Incidence Parameters”. CD-ROM Dataset. Release 1.0.
      USDC, NOAA, NGDC, Boulder, Colorado, 80303, USA. 1994.
Table of Ionospheric Parameters.
The critical frequency of the F2 layer,
      measured at stations "North Pole 6" and "North Pole 7".
Information on ionospheric stations
      in Russia and CIS countries.
The model of distribution of density, temperature, and frequency of electron collisions
      by Yu.K.Chasovitin. 1998.

Data transferred from paper-printed to electronic form
      Generalized tables of hourly values of ionosphere parameters,
      Tables of hourly values of ionosphere parameters,
      f-plots, h-plots and E-plots.

Data on ionospheric phenomena on the sites of other organizations

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