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Web-pages of WDCs, institutes and observatories

Cosmic Rays

  • NMDB: Real-Time Database for high-resolution Neutron Monitor measurements

  • NMDB Event Search Tool

  • SPIDR (Space Physics Interactive Data Resource)

  • Global Muon Detector Network

  • Russian scientific organizations working on the theme of space weather

  • IZMIRAN Space Weather Forecast Center

  • Cosmic Ray Department IZMIRAN

  • Database of unique measurements of cosmic rays IZMIRAN

  • Web-pages of the Worldwide Network of Cosmic Ray Station collected in IZMIRAN

  • Moscow neutron monitor variation of cosmic rays in real time

  • Real-time cosmic ray variations in Apatity

  • Variations of cosmic rays at st. Irkutsk (475), Irkutsk (2000), Irkutsk (3000)

  • 5 min. neutron monitor data in Yakutsk

  • 5 min. Tiksi neutron monitor data

  • Muon telescopes SHICRA SB RAS, Yakutsk

  • WDC for Cosmic Rays, Nagoya (Japan)

  • Department of Solar-Terrestrial Physics NGDC NOAA, Boulder (USA)

  • National Space Science Data Center, Beijing (China)

  • St. A.NE.MO.S neutron monitor data, Athens (Greece)

  • ВReal-time cosmic ray variations in Lomninsky Stit (Slovakia)

  • Neutron monitor data in Oulu (Finland)

  • Cosmic ray observatory data in Hafelekar (Austria)

  • Cosmic ray data from neutron monitors of the Kerguelen Islands and Terre Adelie stations (France)

  • Neutron monitor data for two stations in Jungraujoch (Switzerland): 18-IGY and 3-NM64

  • Data from 10 neutron monitors of the Bartol Research Institute (USA)

  • Real-time cosmic ray variations at st. Mexico (Mexico)

  • Variations of cosmic rays at st. Princess Sirindhorn (Thailand)

  • Variations of cosmic rays at st. Yang Ba Jing (Tibet, China)

  • NAGOYA UNIVERSITY muon telescopes (Japan)

  • Data from neutron monitors of North-West University (South Africa)

  • Real-time data of the Australian Antarctic Division of cosmic rays

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