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Neutron Monitor Data

Ground-based neutron monitors are instruments for measuring cosmic rays and play a key role as a research tool in the field of space physics, solar-terrestrial communications and the application of space weather. They are sensitive to cosmic rays penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere, with an energy of about 0.5-20 GeV, i.e. in the range of energies that cannot be measured by detectors in space in the same simple, inexpensive, and statistically accurate way.

Two types of standardized detectors (IGY and NM64) are in operation at the Worldwide Network of Neutron Monitors "Real-time database for high resolution Neutron Monitor measurements - NMDB" , which now consists of more than 50 stations. All neutron monitors operate continuously with data collection at 1- or 5-minute intervals. Most stations (about 30) present their data on the Internet in real time.
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Neutron Monitor Data Recorded by Worldwide Web Stations:
          - monthly values
          - daily values
          - hourly values
          - minute values
C - corrected data,                           Data format
U - uncorrected data,
P - data on atmospheric pressure.

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