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Geophysical Fields

A dataset of geophysical fields for the Russian Arctic lithosphere structure studies

The dataset of various geological and geophysical data is presented for the eastern part of the Russian Arctic zone, a hard-accessible territory with complex geological structure, poorly studied by direct geophysical methods. These data can be used in a combined qualitiaive and quantititive analysis of the lithospheric structure of this territory.

The dataset includes the gravity field and its several reductions appropriate for study of the Earth interiors, heat flow model and 4 tomographic models covering the whole Arctic Region, analyzed to select the best one for further investigations.
Also new models for the sedimentary cover and for the Moho depth, significantly improved compared to the existing ones, are included in the dataset.

This dataset was prepared as a part of the research fundedby the Russian Science Foundation
(project No. 21-77-30010).


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