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Geomagnetic Data

  • Values of the geomagnetic field elements (hourly mean and minute) since 1956.
  • К index values according to data from Antarctic stations since 1957.
  • Synchronous measurements of the atmospheric electric field and geomagnetic field in Antarctica
          ('South Pole' station, 1991-1993).
  • Digital images of magnetograms of Antarctic stations.
  • Geomagnetic stations in Antarctic Geomagnetic stations in Antarctic Here is information about the stations whose data are presented on the site
    Station Name Code Geographical
    Latitude Longitude

              USSR - Russia
    Vostok VOS 78.45°S 106.87°E
    Lazarev LZV 69.97°S   12.90°E
    Leningradskaya LEN 69.50°S 159.40°E
    Mirny MIR 66.55°S   93.02°E
    Molodezhnaya MOL 67.67°S   45.85°E
    Novolazarevskaya NVL 70.77°S   11.82°E
    Oazis OAS 66.30°S 100.72°E
    Pionerskaya PIO 69.73°S   95.50°E
    South Pole SPA 90.00°S   00.00°E
    Dumont d'Urville DRV 66.67°S 140.01°E
    Port Aux Francais PAF 49.35°S   70.26°E
              United Kingdom - Ukraine
    Argentine Islands
    (Faraday Islands)
    AIA 65.25°S   64.27°W

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