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Earthquake catalog of the Gakkel Ridge, Knipovich Ridge and Svalbard archipelago
The catalog is a combination of earthquake data from regional catalogs of the Geophysical Survey of the Russian Academy of Sciences (GS RAS) (Arctic and Svalbard), the catalog of FCIAR network (station network of FECIAR UrB RAS), the catalog from [Morozov et al., 2023] and the International Seismological Center ISC Bulletin for the territory limited by the coordinates:
75°N, 10°W;   88°N, 10°W;   88°N, 140°E;   77°N, 140°E;   77°N, 100°E;   84°N, 100°E;   84°N, 25°E;   75°N, 25°E.

Catalogue contains information on 17,992 seismic events for the period 1962 2022.

The catalogues were merged according to the author's method that is described in
"Nearest Neighbor Method for Discriminating Aftershocks and Duplicates When Merging Earthquake Catalogs" by Vorobieva I.A., Gvishiani A.D., Dzeboev B.A., Dzeranov B.V., Barykina Yu.V., Antipova A.O.
Frontiers in Earth Science. 2022. Vol. 10. DOI: 10.3389/feart.2022.820277.

A detailed description of the earthquake catalog of the Gakkel and Knipovich ridges, as well as the Svalbard archipelago, is given in the article "Integrated Earthquake Catalog. III. Gakkel Ridge, Knipovich Ridge and Svalbard archipelago" by Vorobieva I.A., Gvishiani A.D., Shebalin P.N., Dzeboev B.A., Dzeranov B.V., Sergeeva N.A., Kedrov E.O., Barykina Y.V. Appl. Sci. 2023, Vol. 13. Is. 22. (SI: Geoinformatics and Data Mining in Earth Sciences). 12411.

Catalogue format (text format with TAB separator):

     1.	 Year
     2.  Month
     3.	 Day
     4.	 Hour
     5.	 Minutes
     6.	 Seconds
     7.	 Latitude
     8.	 Longitude
     9.  Depth (not known for all earthquakes)
    10.	 Author's magnitude
    11.	 Original magnitude used for unified magnitude estimate
    12.  Type and Author of original magnitude
    13.	 Event ID in the ISC catalog
    14.	 Event type:
           	fe  felt earthquake
           	eq  earthquake
           	ke  known earthquake
           	se  suspected earthquake
    15.  Agency 

Map of earthquake epicenters of the integrated catalog of the Gakkel Ridge, Knipovich Ridge and Svalbard archipelago for the period 1962 2022

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