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Catalogues of measured values and maps of geomagnetic field elements


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Geomagnetic Data
Seismological Data
Heat Flow
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Geomagnetic Data
Seismological Data
Heat Flow
Gravity Data
Cosmic Rays

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  • The Polar Region. Magnetic Variation 1970 and Annual Rates of Change. Map, Epoch 1970.0, Multicolour.- (Geomagnetism Unit, Institute of Geological Sciences at Herstmonceux), Hidrographic Office, Taunton, 1971.

  • Oрлов B.П., Шляхтина A.П. (ред.).
    Pаспределение элементов /D,I,H,Z,T/ геомагнитного поля. Kарты, эпоха 1960 года, масштаб 1:40 000 000, многокрасочные.- B кн.: Aтлас Aнтарктики, Cоветская Aнтарктическая экспедиция (ЛO ИЗMИP AH CCCP).

  • Kovacs L.C., Bernero C., Johnson G.L., Pilger R.H., Talorr P.T., Vogt P.R.
    Residual Magnetic Anomaly Chart of the Arctic Ocean Region. Sheet 1. Multicolour.- Naval Research Laboratory and Naval Ocean Research and Development Activity.

  • Coles R.L., Hannaford W., Haines G.V.
    Magnetic Anomalies and the Evolution of the Arctic.- In: Arctic Geophysical Review (J.F.Sweeney, ed.). Publication of the Earth Physics Branch, v.45, N 4, Ottawa, Canada, 1978, pp. 51-66.

  • Pinn J.D.
    Field Magnetic Observations in Antarctica.- Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions Reports, Series C, v.1, TerrestrIal Magnetism, Melbourne, 1960.

  • Dewart G.
    A Magnetic Profile in the Gerlache Strait, Antarctica.- The Ohio State University, Research Foundation, Project 2264, Report N 1, Columbus, Ohio, 1972.

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