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The World Data Center for Solid Earth Physics in Moscow (WDC for SEP) has existed since 1971 as a subdivision of the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (GC RAS).

WDC for SEP is the Regular Member of the World Data System (WDS) that is an Interdisciplinary Body of the International Science Council (ISC, formerly ICSU), guided by the basic principles of the WDS Constitution and completely supports the WDS Data Policys - Data Sharing Principles.

WDC for SEP is responsible for the collection, guaranteed long-term storage and dissemination of geophysical data. The Ñenter has extensive archives, including seismological data, results of gravimetric and magnetic measurements, data on heat flow, modern movements, marine geology and geophysics, etc.

The data, metadata, products and services at the WDC for SEP are open and available for scientific, educational, and other non commercial purposes without restriction.
For commercial applications of data, please contact the WDC for SEP.

By using data, the user should acknowledge the authors/suppliers of data and WDC for SEP (Moscow) in publications and presentations.

Our site contains information about the WDC for SEP in Moscow, about the data available in the Center on a number of geophysical disciplines, about the possibility of access to data, about the center's participation in scientific projects and programs, as well as links to other sites with geophysical data.

Thank you for your interest in our site.
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