National Geophysical Committee of Russian Federation

    National Geophysical Committee of Russian Federation is the Russian adhering organisation for the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics and of the ICSU Pannel on World Data Centers

  1. Guennadi A.Sobolev, corresponding member of RAS, President
  2. Vladimir V.Migulin, academician, Vice-president
  3. Vladimir M.Kotlyakov, academician, Vice-president
  4. Yuri S.Tyupkin, prof., secretary-general


Commissions of the National Geophysical Committee
International Geophysical Projects and Programs
International Scientific Organisations
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Forthcoming events
IAVCEI General Assembly 2000.
XXVII General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission
Forthcoming events related with ESC
National Conference "Modern Seismology: Advances and Problems". Brief review of reports
IAGA99 National Report
IASPEI99 National Report
IAVCEI99 National Report
IAMAS99 National Report

Dear Sir/Madam, The International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS), will hold its biennial Scientific Assembly in Beijing, China from 2-11 August 2005. The theme of the conference is The Fascinating Atmosphere: Changeable and Changing, and will cover all areas of meteorology and atmospheric sciences, including dynamics, radiation, chemistry, electricity, clouds and precipitation, and climate variability and change.
Abstract submission can be done electronically on the IAMAS 2005 Web site (http://www.iamas2005.com).
If you haven't submitted an abstract, please notice that the deadline is 25 February 2005. Registration can also be done over the Web, and early bird registration is available until 1 June 2005.
The hotel and tour (pre-tour, post-tour, weekend excursions) reservations are also available. August is the tourist season in China. Due to high occupancy then, please book your hotel and tour early.

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