Lithosphere of marginal and inland seas
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        G eophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences took part in the fundamental researches on creation of deep cross-sections of the lithosphere through the marginal seas in a transition zone from Asian continent to the Pacific Ocean investigated under the Geotraverse International Project. A great deal of various geological and geophysical data sets were collected. A part of these data has been used for the construction of the lithosphere models along the separate traverses in the Sea of Okhotsk, the Japan, and Philippine Seas (This work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Project N 98-07-90201).
        Presently, in the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences the base of all geological and geophysical data available for marginal and inland seas of transition zone from Asian continent to the Pacific Ocean is created. Based on a complex interpretation of these data the digital models of the deep structure of the lithosphere for water area of marginal seas in a transition zone from continent to ocean will be constructed. It will be the logical step to follow out the construction of series geotraverses crossing these structures. In this case, more detailed investigated lines of geotraverses will execute a role of reference points.
The computer database will include primary geological and geophysical data, digital geological maps and geophysical field maps, digitized deep sections of lithosphere and asthenosphere.
Lithosphere digital models will include two and three-dimensional interpretation geological and geophysical constructions as maps, schemes, and sections, realized on the basis of GIS-technology.
Proceeding from modern scientific representations the inland seas represent transformed at closing oceanic spaces the marginal seas. Therefore it is offered to construct also lithosphere model of the Caspian sea being the ancient inland sea. In the process the database on the Caspian region, created in Geophysicl Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RFBR Project N 95-07-19378) will be used.

Digital models and database will be accessible in network Internet through WWW on a server of the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The created communication resource will be open system which can be supplemented with the new data and, accordingly, the specified models.

In 2001-2003 the project was carried out at financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research   (RFBR Projects  N 01-07-90233 and N 01-05-64400).

In the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences the researches are conducted under the project “Deep structure geodynamic models of the active continental margins”, RFBR Project N 09-05-00406-a.

The project is directed on the decision of a fundamental problem of a deep structure of active continental margins which are characterized by seismicity, volcanic eruption and other types of natural hazards. The active continental margins are areas of hydrothermal processes and accumulation of minerals.
The project aims at constructing geodynamic models of active continental margins to study the deep structure of the Earth under seismic dangerous zones, volcanic areas, mineragenetic fields, and sedimentary basins.
Conducting the project is under the international program “InterMargins” with an exchange of scientific information in the areas where the interests coincide. Research areas are the active continental margins of Eurasia with the Okhotsk, Japan, Philippine and South China seas. This region is a transition zone from the Eurasian continent to the Pacific ocean where earlier under the international project "Geotraverse", developed in the Geophysical center of the Russian Academy of Sciences together with Japanese and Chinese scientists, complex geologo-geophysical researches have been conducted.

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