Images of Magnetograms

1. Magnetograms from the Lvov observatory for 1993 - 2001 years were photographed by 5-mega pixel digital camera Sony DSC-F707 with 2560x1920 image size and resolution 120 pixel/inch directly at the Lvov observatory according to the Inernational project "The Rescue of the magnetograms of the observatories of the former Soviet Union", supported by ICSU Panel on WDCs (Panel on Word Data Centers of International Council of Scientific Unions)

2. Magnetograms from other observatories were scanned by the scanner HP ScahJet 6300C with resolution 300 pixel/inch at WDC for STP, Moscow. Each magnetograms was split into 3 images because scanner size A4 limit.

3. Initial sizes of the observatory magnetogram is 280x5000 mm.

4. Time is UT.

5. Annual sets of magnetograms for each observatory are indexed using standard image thumbnails and also Kp musical diagrams. From the Kp musical diagram index the user can select magnetogram for any day by simple mouse click on the corresponding diagram segment.

6. Base value and Scale value are on magnetograms of 1, 11, 21, 30(31) for each month and in Tables of Reports ( main recording ); Other Base and Scalevalues for magnetograms with indexes: aa,bb,cc or d,e and f are in Tables of Reports only(

Obs. Lvov2001 has Tables of Base value and Scale value only.

ARTI, 1999 ,  ARTI, 2000 ,  ARTI, 2001 , 

LVOV, 1993 ,  LVOV, 1994 ,  LVOV, 1995 ,  LVOV, 1996 ,  LVOV, 1997 ,  LVOV, 1998 ,  LVOV, 1999 ,  LVOV, 2000 ,  LVOV, 2001

MOSCOW, 1992 ,  MOSCOW, 1993 ,  MOSCOW, 1994 ,  MOSCOW, 1995 ,  MOSCOW, 1996 ,  MOSCOW, 1997 ,